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    I have only seen Hassan nisar who has moral values in Pakistan, you are bold and truthful, though you are not keeping beard, god also give courage to others to differentiate between good and bad.they are not only
    accused in eyes of people who suffered pain because of their attitude,they will be presented before great court of god at day of judgement as devil accused

  2. He is a man who brings straightforward the prevailing evils in governance due to exploitation corruption indebtedness poverty unemployment absence of medical care for poor and education.He has a deep understanding of Islamic religion and history of subcontinent .He always advice his fellow countrymen to work hard for upliftment of downtrodden masses and enrich with high human values.He is a visionary and above from hatred malice and religious tolerance.He is a braveheart who calls spade a spade to anyone against wrong deeds even against fanatic terrorists radical politicians in Pakistan which like playing with fire He is a progressive and peace loving person.He has a balanced logical approach while commenting on any topic .I am surprised how this man is alive in Pakistan because he never hesitate to conceal truth and talks for harmonious relations with India God is great

  3. I like him because he is the most intelligent in Pakistan. He always speak truth.He has a balanced logical approach while commenting on any topic

  4. Hassan Nisar is very bold. May he bring changes in Pak. Humidity values, ethics, principles in Pakistani,s. He can save history from distortion by the terrorist.

  5. Nisar g we r with U.

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