Derbar E Dil by Umera Ahmed

Derbar E Dil by Umera Ahmed

Derbar E Dil is a novel that initiates patience in one’s life. One of the greatest creations in Urdu Literature. Derbar E Dil novel is written by Umera Ahmed. In this novel the writer just tries to answer some of those questions which come in human mind. This novel shows how a small mistake changes our whole life. Sometime we have to pay a lot in return of our small mistake. There are many from of us those spent their whole life by follow a pet sentence “Akhar Allah ki es may kya maslihay ho gi? The writer shows small dialogues between Women, Men and Devil in a very different style. The main character of novel Derbar E Dil is Mehar Sami. She is a very simple girl and devotes her life to Allah. One day she gets a mysterious call at home and there is a guy on the other site. The guy starts love with her.

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