Nazeer Naji

Nazir Naji Column- Hairat Ki Baat Nahi

nazir naji columns

As we all know Nazir Naji Columns always exhibit true and reel face of government. In this Nazir Naji Column you will see how bitterly he point out the failure points of current government. Nazir Naji Column also babbles about the issue of load shedding very seriously.

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Nazeer Naji Latest Column – Hakomat Yehi Rahe Gi

Nazeer Naji is a famous Pakistani senior Journalist and Urdu Columnist. In the Nazeer Naji Latest Column he has criticized on the present government. Nazeer Naji Latest Column has done a comparison between present government and Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf.  He narrated the charges that PTI has expressed.

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Nazir Naji Columns – Imran K Liye Naya Chance

Nazir Naji is a famous senior journalist and urdu columnist. Nazir Naji columns are full of zeal and zest. In Nazir Naji Column  he locate the role of Imran Khan in the elections of year 2013.In the column of Nazir Naji , he envisage Imran Khan as propitious man with sturdy perspective.

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